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As September ticks on and nature begins her transition from green to gold, we thought it apt to focus on an oft forgotten stalwart of the British Autumn - the apple. Here are the best apple recipes the internet has to offer.

1. Paul Welburn's Pan-fried scallops with celeriac, apple and hazelnuts

Here Michelin-starred Paul Welburn uses the apple's natural tartness to cut the sweetness of the scallops. It's light, clean and refreshing. Click here for recipe.


2. Ottolenghi's Roast pork belly with apple, soy and ginger

Yotam once again showing us how it's done with this Filipino-inspired slow cooker: yielding pork, tart apples, the aromatic kick of ginger. What could be better on an autumnal evening? Click here for recipe.


3. Diana Henry's Butter and brown sugar apples

At the very least this stunningly simple pud demands a good dollop of thick vanilla ice cream. But for those seeking an even deeper pleasure, a chilled glass of sauternes or barsac is a must. Click here for recipe.

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