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Beloved by chefs around the globe, the mortar and pestle are a must-have in any kitchen. As well as taking up little space on your counter, this tool can help you create anything from a pesto-based pasta sauce to a delicious chutney.

A mortar and pestle can actually coax out essential oils from many different ingredients, which can add a new level of flavour and spice to any of your dishes. In this article, we will be shining a light on everything you need to know about this timeless piece of kitchen equipment.


The mortar and pestle have long had a place in the kitchen. Typically used to crush and mix ingredients, these tools are as useful now as they have always been.

The use of mortar and pestles can be dated back to 1550 BC, and have been used for food preparation for many centuries, most commonly to grind spices for cooking and in medical practices.

Now, they can be found in professional kitchens. With its ability to work faster than a knife, a pestle and mortar set can be used to crush nuts, smash ginger or chilies, make garlic cloves into a paste - and of course, still grind various spices into powders.

Katto pestle and mortar


For every chef, having the right equipment can not only make or break their dishes but also inspire new ones. Here at Katto, we are all about crafting exceptional kitchenware that fits right into any chef’s arsenal.

Our pestle and mortar are no different. Crafted by our team, this piece of equipment is ideal for making pesto, in addition to emulsifying sauces like aioli - perfect for all pasta fanatics. We also recommend trying our pestle and mortar out when creating salsas, spicing up blends, or marinades.

As the pestle and mortar have been used as a highly-regarded cooking tool for many, many years, there is a variety to choose from. You may come across ones made from wood, marble, cast iron, and even glass.

Ceramic pestle and mortars are one of the most popular options out there. Crafted with solid material, these cooking utensils will last for a long period of time. Naturally, your mortar and pestle will have to withstand a lot of years of pounding and grinding, and you won’t be looking to replace them regularly. Ceramic versions of this item can hold their own, and will even use their heavy weight to break down tougher, more difficult ingredients such as cloves of garlic.

Katto pestle & mortar


The creation of the tool is where we come in. Our craftsmen work to produce kitchenware that is functional, high-quality, and sustainable. We believe that tools should be handcrafted, as they will be used by human hands.

Our pestle and mortars are thrown, turned, and finished right here in the UK, using the strongest high-fire clay. Each and every one of our products has been designed in-house and crafted by the hands of our team.

Whether you are an only-cooks-meals-at-home type of person, an appreciator of a good sauce to go alongside your BBQ, or a chef looking to complete their range of high-quality utensils, we believe that a pestle and mortar has a spot in everyone’s kitchen.