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Posted on September 14 2022, By: James Oakley


Shucking an oyster is the process of opening the shell to reveal the meat inside - this can take a while to complete, and has to be done in a delicate manner. Here at Katto, we understand that the best things take time. We have handcrafted tools that will help all of our chefs in their cooking journey, including our Oyster Knives. In this article, we will be breaking down the difference between your standard chef knife and an oyster knife, as well as discussing the best way to serve your shellfish dishes. 


Oysters are a great delicacy and can be enjoyed as part of many dishes. Raw oysters are typically more subtle in taste, but the flavour becomes much stronger the longer they are cooked. If, like us, you are ready to get your shuck on, then having a sturdy and reliable oyster knife is a necessity. 


Typically, the blade of an oyster knife is much shorter, smaller, and even duller, than the knives you may have in the kitchen. This is because the hinge on the oyster will need to be gently removed, rather than ‘cut’ open. The top shell will need to be taken off in order for you to enjoy the raw oyster on the half shell. 


One of the main considerations when purchasing an oyster knife is how it feels in your hand. Shucking oysters can not only be tricky but also time-consuming. This could be down to misshapen shells, making it more difficult to find their hinges, or because the misplacement of a knife can cause the oyster to tense up. 

This may mean the process takes a little longer than you may expect, so having a knife that fits well in your hand and is comfortable to hold is a must. Not to mention, having a knife you are at ease with, will make your movement much more precise. What we will say is that a tentative oyster shucker is rarely a successful oyster shucker - so get stuck in.


Naturally, how frequently you’ll be shucking will play into your oyster knife purchasing decisions. For all your bivalve needs, you will need a tool that can take on the most cumbersome of shells.

Our Oyster Knives here at Katto have been crafted by hand using an amalgamation of a Japanese steel bland and a beautiful rosewood handle, making these pieces ultra sharp and robust - the perfect combination for shucking oysters. 


The natural next step after knowing the proper way to shuck your oysters is to understand the best way to serve them. Being from the shellfish family, oysters have a subtle, yet salty taste which compliments many entrees and side dishes. 

If you are serving them raw, then pairing them with a mignonette sauce, lemon wedge, or even a hot sauce are all popular and classic choices.

However, with every oyster knife ordered from Katto, we include a mini bottle of Kold Sauce. This punchy, spicy, and deeply aromatic hot sauce makes for the perfect accompaniment to the briny and sweet taste of oysters. By teaming up with our friends over at Kold Sauce, we are able to offer a sample of this beautiful product for you to try alongside your shellfish dishes. 

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