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Katto was founded two years ago by me (Josh) and my best mate Thomas in 2018. We've put together this little video to explain where the idea came from and our process. I hope you like it.


Because of the circumstances in which Katto was born, it’s always been more to us than just a job or a knife company. And we spent lots of time at the start talking about what we wanted the company to stand for. Here where we got to:

1. Making is important

We believe that making things is a powerful antidote to the pace, noise and chaos of modern life. So whether it's a craftsperson making one of our knives, or someone making supper for their friends, Katto exists to help and celebrate people who make things with their hands.

2. Individuality is awesome

We make all of our knives by hand. We do this because we believe that handmade knives are stronger, more balanced and more beautiful. But it also means that no two Katto knives will be the same. Yes, they'll be made and tested to the same exacting standards; but they'll also come infused with character, individuality and personality. And we're really proud of that.

3. Effort is everything

We believe that easier isn't always better and that the best things in life require effort. That's why we design every product in-house, make and test every knife by hand, wrap and dispatch every package from our workshop and speak with every customer who places an order