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Katto exists to bring people together through food.

Which is why we've teamed-up with The Dishpatch to offer you a complimentary £30 restaurant meal kit for two when you refer a friend to Katto.

The Dishpatch delivers handmade, utterly delicious meal kits from chefs like Tom Kerridge, Angela Hartnett and Michel Roux Jr.

So whether you choose the mezze feast from Ottolenghi; the beef short rib tacos from El Pastor; or the sea bream curry from Hoppers, I'm confident you (and your lucky friend) will have a brilliant supper.


1. You forward this email to any friends, family or colleagues who need a Katto knife in their lives.

2. When they order, they enter your personal promocode below (hint: it's your postcode).

3. We send you a £30 voucher for The Dishpatch.

4. You then order your chosen meal kit, invite your lovely friend over and enjoy a wonderful dinner on us.


There is no limit to the number of people you can refer, or the number of meal kits you can claim. However, the offer only applies to referred orders over £120. And all participants must be aged 18 or over.

If you have any questions about the offer, simply email