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TOAST magazine

Toast (Print Copy)

Toast (Print Copy)


Toast is our bi-monthly newspaper connecting the Worlds of food, craft and culture. You can order a print copy of our first issue - themed 'Nourish' - for free. Or you can read snippets on our blog.

Issue 1

At a time when life seems colder and darker than ever before, our first issue explores the idea of food as nourishment - for our bodies, for our minds and for our relationships with each other.

This is not a nutrition issue, mind you. We’re not interested in diets or calories or ‘macros’(whatever they are).

Instead we're exploring the restorative power of food, eating and making. We've got recipes that soothe the mind and restore the soul. We're talking about food experiences that bring calm and joy amidst the gloom. And stories of food bringing all of us together.

Highlights include:

  • Rochelle Canteen's Margot Henderson in conversation.
  • Midnight Chicken author Ella Risbridger on the food that's got her through lockdown.
  • Foodwriter Ed Smith (aka @rocketandsquash) gives a primer on curing meat.
  • Chef and Great British Menu star James Cochran talks opening his restaurant 12:51.