essential roasting tools


Posted on November 21 2022, By: Josh Roberts

essential roasting tools

Nothing hits the spot quite like an autumn roast, and with winter just around the corner roasting season is in full swing. The final assembly of each component into a beautifully warm and flavoursome entourage of veggies and meat makes for a glorious experience.

Although, for some home chefs, the preparation of said components can often be not-so-glorious. Time-consuming at best, the process can take up to a whole evening for home chefs and professional cooks. Rather than avoiding roasts entirely, making sure you have the right instruments for the job can make the process easier while also producing better results. Here are our top recommendations for the tools that can make your next Sunday roast a dream.


essential roasting tools



The last thing you want when preparing your roast is to mishandle the beautiful centrepiece you’ve prepared and start picking off bits of meat by hand. Whether it be a chicken, turkey or vegan option, using an expert tool for the job is always a good idea. Using a knife that isn’t specifically designed for carving can lead to jagged and unclean cuts, not to mention the mess it might cause as well. Above all though, using non-purpose-built tools can be a safety hazard. Opting instead for a carving knife set will leave the cuts of meat looking much cleaner, all while making carving easier, cleaner and safer. 

Katto’s carving knife set allows you to firmly hold down the joint you’re slicing, giving you the security to add some extra muscle into your craving motion. No matter the size of the task at hand, rest assured this set will make the job more simple and safer. 



Getting a roasting tin that has enough space can make a huge difference when preparing all of your ingredients. Using a baking tray that doesn’t have enough surface area or high enough walls, can leave you wondering whether it’s worth cramming in all the vegetables you’ve cut up in case they don’t cook properly. Instead of separating vegetables out into their own separate tray, having enough space to put them together can let the flavours mix wonderfully together in the oven.  The best thing about roasting tins is their versatility. Having what is one of the most essential roasting utensils in your kitchen will undoubtedly come in handy in other situations for a while host of other meals. 


tools for roast dinner


Finally, you’ll want a chopping board befitting the meal you are preparing. Whilst you want to be using a wooden chopping board with your professional chef knives anyway, having a good quality wooden carving board can make all the difference for having a secure station to safely cut your meat properly. Katto’s carving board is made of solid oak, which provides the perfect foundation to be cutting on. Due to the rivets on the outside, it is also able to drain fluids that might come as a result of what you’re cutting. This way you can carve away without making a mess around the board, meaning less cleaning up after you’ve finished your meal.