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We've tried to answer the most common questions below; but if we've missed anything then please do get in touch.

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Simply wash your knife using warm water and dish soap. Dry immediately after washing.

Knives and dishwashers are pretty much sworn enemies.

The heat and chemicals knacker the wood and they're also liable to chipping and scratching.

We recommend sharpening your knife using a Japanese whetstone (e.g. this).

For a quick guide on how to do this click here.

Or alternatively why not book in to one of our free sharpening clinics? Click here for more info.

We use a stainless steel for all our blades which should not rust.

However, from time-to-time, small areas of oxidisation can occur on the black part of our knives.

Simply remove this with a dry cloth and apply a small quantity of olive oil to the blade with kitchen paper.

This will seal the blade and prevent it happening again.

All our knives are handmade in our Sheffield workshop by our Master Craftsman, Mike. To find out more click here.

We use a Japanese steel called AUS-10 in all our blades. It has an HRC rating of 58-60.

We believe this makes our knives strong but flexible; and ultra sharp without being brittle or difficult to sharpen.

We use only the most sustainable FSC Certified woods for our knife handles.

Our studio is based in Battersea, South London. And visits are by appointment only.

To book an appointment click here.

To get in touch just email; or ring us on +44(0)7799 484 041.

If you'd like to return your order to us for any reason click here.

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