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free knife sharpening


Posted on September 14 2022, By: James Oakley

free knife sharpening
free knife sharpening

Occasionally the act of food prep can seem daunting. If you are into making more elaborate meals, a dull knife can really slow down the process and make everything more arduous. Cooking should be just as much an enjoyable experience as eating your creation. 


No matter if you are an at-home cooking fanatic or a professional chef, keeping your knife sharp is a must. You may find that the more you use your knife, the duller it becomes. This can make chopping, slicing, and mincing all the more difficult and less precise. 

free knife sharpening

When slicing more delicate produce, a sharp knife can also mean that your food stays fresher for longer. As a sharp blade is more likely to make an accurate cut, it ensures that the physical integrity of your food remains. This means that the cells of your food are left less damaged, and will stay crisp for a much longer duration of time. 

Not only can using a dull knife be irritating, but it can also be dangerous. A blunt knife requires more pressure, and the likelihood that it can slip and cause an injury goes up massively. Keeping a knife sharp allows for your cooking journey to be more peaceful, but also safer.


Sharpening stones are unquestionably the best way to sharpen knives at home, and with our double-sided combination stones, it couldn’t be easier. Each one of our stones features two sharpening surfaces. One side has a fast cutting 1000 grit, and the other, a finer 6000 grit. This will give an amazing silky polish to your sharpened knife. 

For the question of ‘how do you use a sharpening stone’, we have included an easy-to-follow angle guide that will ensure that you are sharpening the exact right angle. If you need more information, we also include a handy QR code that allows you to access our free sharpening masterclass. 

Upon purchasing one of our sharpening stones, in line with customer feedback, you will also receive an ultra-grip silicone rubber base. This ensures easy use of the stone and improves the ability to accurately sharpen your knife. 


All of our knives are made by hand. We believe that this makes our product stronger, and more balanced. Whilst every single knife we create has been made and tested to the same standards, we also value the individuality of each one. Every knife that is purchased will be beautifully different and infused with character.

free knife sharpening

In addition, we also value effort, whether that is with our products or with our customers. That is why we offer free knife sharpening. If you purchase one of our knives, and don’t have a sharpening stone at home, or would prefer one of us to do it, you are more than welcome to book a slot at our sharpening clinic when the blade starts to become blunt. Our team will sharpen, recondition and return your knife.

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