Posted on December 16 2022

Knife set

Once you start purchasing high-quality knives, you’ll often hear a lot about the best ways to use them. This is due to these expensive pieces of equipment needing a lot of care and attention to keep them in good condition and to extend their lifespan.

Although there are lots of do’s and don’ts to follow when using your knife, knowing what to do when you are not using is arguably equally important. Knowing how to properly store and take care of your professional kitchen knife goes a long way in keeping your blades in good condition. This article details the different ways you can safely store your knife while keeping them razor sharp.



Firstly, you should always avoid storing your knife in a drawer or cupboard that contains other cutlery. If not properly secured, the blade may end up coming into contact with other pieces of cutlery or silverware, usually resulting in chips, and dulling of blades for either your quality knife or the rest of your cutlery. 

As well as avoiding drawers in general, places that are quite damp will also be a poor choice for storage as it will speed up the development of rust and damage wooden handles as well. As a general rule, knives should be inserted or removed with the sharper edge of the blade rubbing against the storage container. Additionally, it shouldn't sit on the blade's tip because doing so might cause the edge to gradually wear away.




Using a knife block can be a simple and effective way to store your cutlery. The go-to for many kitchens across the globe, you can quickly pop your knives in and out hassle-free. Some knife blocks even come with a built-in sharpener to keep your blades in good shape, though a whetstone will typically do a better job of this.

The only downside to using a knife block is that the shape of the slots can be quite unaccommodating to different shapes of knives. Typically, they will be designed for a specific set of knives and knives from other brands or collections may not fit inside. This might limit what kind of knives you can purchase in the future, which isn’t ideal for a home chef. 


Using a wall mounted magnetic strip to store knives can be a great way to save countertop space while keeping your knives visible. If you own a beautiful blade like our Santoku knife, then putting it on display certainly adds a nice touch to the kitchen’s design and space. It’s key to purchase a magnetic strip that is appropriate for the weight of the knives you intend to use it for so be sure to check weight allowances for your strip. If you’re in need of more space you can always buy multiple and arrange them parallel either horizontally or vertically.


Knife bars or blocks that fit into kitchen drawers have individual slots for your blades. Knife drawer inserts are excellent for keeping your knives protected, arranged, and hidden. If you have the drawer space but not the countertop space for storage, this could be a good option for you. 

If your knives are destined for the drawer and you don't have the space for a knife insert, be sure to keep them covered in a protective casing such as a leather scabbard, to avoid it knocking against other utensils which can blunt or chip the knife.

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