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The only three pans your kitchen will ever need. Ideally proportioned and perfect for casual, oven-to-table suppers with great friends and even better wine. All cast iron sets include a 10% discount. 

The Skillet

Diameter - 23cm (wide) x 3cm (high) | Weight - 4.5kg

The Sauté Pan

Diameter - 23cm (wide) x 7cm (high) | Weight - 4.5kg

The Stockpot

Diameter - 23cm (wide) x 12.5cm (high) | Weight - 5.3kg


Each of our pans is cast to our exacting specification by our centuries old partner forge in France, the home of cast iron.

Cast iron is the original non-stick. And with a little care (e.g. occasional seasoning) it exhibits the same qualities as your favorite non stick pan, but without any toxicity.

Absolutely. Our pans work on all hob types (including induction) and can move from the hob to the oven.

Order before 11am Mon-Thurs and you'll receive your order next day. Orders from Fri-Sun will be delivered on Tuesday.

Shipping to Europe costs £15 and takes 3-5 days.

Shipping to USA, Canada and the rest of the World costs £25 and takes 5-7 days.

You can return your knife free of charge for 100 days after purchase. Just email or call +44(0)7799 484 041 to arrange this.

Please note this does not apply to engraved orders which are non-refundable.

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Customer Reviews

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Anna Alston
Style AND Substance.

Before I bought these I'd only used cast iron a handful of times. I did a LOT of research & thinking before going for this set. I'd read that a new cast iron pan is like having a newborn & a puppy at the same time so I was hesitant. These are absolutely incredible in every way & have allayed my fears and preciousness about cast iron completely. I love the fact that the vitreous enamelling makes them more durable. I'd read about cast iron reacting badly to acidic foods like tomatoes or citrus & it put me off because I cook tomatoes constantly. Having owned these for 3 months and cooked with them almost every day, sometimes multiple times a day, I'm shocked by how amazingly durable and versatile they are compared to what I'd read. I've slowcooked tomatoes for literally days & the pans are only improving. I even stored & reheated a very acidic, port-heavy ragu in the stockpot for nearly a full week to absolutely no detriment. I was worried they’d gather dust & only be used occasionally but they are my workhorses already. Particularly the stockpot & skillet. Absolutely gorgeous & a pleasure to use. I store them stacked on top of each other (with two of the lids upside down) & they make such a nice neat little pile. I frequently put them on the table & serve directly out of them because they’re just too beautiful not to. Numerous guests have dug a fork straight into the pan (to my horror) & I’ve frantically inspected them for scratches while washing up only to find... absolutely nothing. They seem completely indestructible & honestly, I couldn’t be more pleased.


Very happy with pans and knives but i think it would have been very helpful if instructions were given about seasoning the pans.. not everyone has had cast iron before and it was a shame that myself sons first experience was burning some noodles

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